Mixed media

"Altared Wall" mixed media 36"X 61"
“Altared Wall” mixed media 36″X 61″.
“The First Word, The Last Word, The Lost Word” 40″X54″ AR Print Reproductions Available
“A Journey Thru Time-Robert Rauschenberg meets Henry A. Kauffmann, Miraim Kauffmann Stein, Barry Sugerman, Jose Fumero, and Henry Faulkner” (MOM; Mother Of the Motherboards) AR
“Altared Wall” 36X61
Three Buddhas 20″X40″
“Manatee Springs” 36″X63″
“Buddha & Water Lilies” 22″X33″
“Above & Below” 22″X28″
“Rock Stack” 14″X20″
Wynwood Wall 36″X 61″
“Levanto” 20″X20″
“Three Buddhas” 36″X40″
“Stonewall” 31″X41″
“Manarola” 19″X22″
“Wynwood Wall” 31″X41″
“Altared Wall” 36″X62″
“Three Buddhas” 36’X61″
“Angel Oak” 22″X28″
“Altared Wall” 36″X56″
“Blue Boats” 22″X28″
“Island Dream” 19″ X 22″
“Snookery” 19″X22″
“Blue Boats” 19″X22″
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